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The Block

In 2010, the Asheville Design Center Block Task Force initiated as a community outreach tool for the proposed Performance Center.  It evolved into a “Small Area Plan” providing a set of Design Considerations / Recommendations / Guidelines for the community and future development. The Considerations not only incorporate the design aspects associated with the Performance Center, but also several developments that recognize the benefit of this collaboration including the Mt. Zion Master Plan, Eagle- Market Street Development Corporation, Asheville Art Museum Expansion as well as the Triangle Park Mural Project.


Key components demonstrated in the considerations beyond specific developments are: improved vehicular circulation and intersections (requiring coordination with both the Fire and Police Departments regarding existing emergency routes and future development concerns), designated public parking facilities, expanded vehicular and pedestrian linkages including the “Urban Trail” program, Plaza and “Pocket Park” infill as well as streetscape improvements.


Jason Gilliland was a Task Force Member


Click here for the full report

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