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River Arts District Transportation Improvement Plan

Site Design Studio was a member of the team selected by the City of Asheville and led by CDM Smith to provide a detailed assessment of the construction of the Wilma Dykeman Riverway from Hill Street to Amboy Road. Site Design Studio also served as an advisor to the planning and design team; responding, reacti ng and assisti ng to proposed corridor alignments including on and off -street pedestrian and bicycle greenways as well as specific implementati on recommendati ons on the locati ons and design intent of any recreational river access points as it relates to land use, greenways, sidewalks, parking, points of interest and intersecti ons. Site Design Studio participated in numerous stakeholder and community input sessions during the 24 month planning process. SDS is also a team member on the recently-awarded RADTIP Phase II team working with CDM Smith.

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